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Livestyle camping with Camper BRUNO

Give your vacation a special touch!

Fancy a real camping adventure? As a couple or rather on your own? Spontaneous and completely flexible? All you need now is a car with trailer hitch and our BRUNO. And you can start right away!

BRUNO is an off-road mini caravan with style, charm and pizzazz. It's super easy to navigate and all you need is a passenger car driver's license Class B, no other class needed. The interior is made of real wood and is equipped with clever storage and mini cabinets. Its concept creates a great sense of space and a cozy atmosphere. Life itself takes place around the camper, the interior serves as a lounge, sleeping and cuddling space. And if you don't have a car with trailer hitch, you can ask for our VW T5 Caravelle.


What makes our BRUNO so special:


  • Easy navigation at the destination. Two people can easily unhitch BRUNO and push / pull it into the right position.

  • Cool design in the form of a sustainable wooden construction, made in Germany.

  • Fully insured.

  • BRUNO draws everyone's attention, you will quickly make new acquaintances.



What we love about our BRUNO?

Camper Bruno guest reviews

What our customers say about the camper

Claudia K.

"BRUNO is awesome - charming, easy to steer and amazingly roomy to put away!"

Hannah B.

"BRUNO is extremely stylish and ultra cozy. Ideal for short trips into nature!"

Clemens R.

"With BRUNO you draw everyone's attention. We enjoyed the days very much."

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